Works 2017

FB44 Retrospettivo reperto T1 - 2017

27 X 27 cm.

PVC , ethylene vinyl acetate, wood, rotary dial phone, speakers, electronic components, pir sensor.

FB43 Concetto dinamicostatico - 2017

47 X 47 cm.

Wood, Iron, ethylene vinyl acetate, plexiglass, loudspeakers, electronic components, pir sensor, ping pong balls.

FB42 Concerto per musicista pigro - 2017

Wood, iron, aluminium, ping pong ball, pir sensor, gear motor, 24 speakers, 2 stereo amplifiers, computer with a sound card with 4 outputs, real time sound processing software.

FB40 Il tramonto dell'alba - 2017

143 X 58,5 cm.

Wood, iron, glass, tuner, loudspeakers, gear motor, pir sensor, electronic components.

FB39 Atomico 26 danza - 2017

45 X 21 X 45 cm.

Iron, wood, ethylene vinyl acetate, plexiglass, loudspeaker, magnifying glass, electronic components, pir sensor, iron filing.

FB38 Interazione - 2017

80 X 100 cm.

Iron, plexiglass, electromagnet, pir sensor, ping pong balls, electronic components.

FB37 Volo utopico - 2017

53 X 119 cm.

Wood, iron, plexiglass, electromagnet, ping pong ball, pir sensor, electronic components.

FB36 Flusso - 2017

46 X 38 cm.

Wood, aluminium, pvc, ethylene vinyl acetate, loudspeakers, microphone, pir sensor, ping pong ball, electronic components.

FB35 Natura morta - 2017

39 X 116 cm.

Plexiglass, glass, mp3 player, electronic components, pir sensor, audio files.

FB34 L'inverno che verrĂ  - 2017

84 X 105 cm.

PVC, wood, audio cables with jack connectors, ethylene vinyl acetate, pir sensor, loudspeakers, electronic components.

FB33 Fumo coagulato dell'etere eterno - 2017

72 X 95 cm.

Wood, iron, loudspeakers, magnets, pir sensor, pvc, earth globe, electronic components, mp3 player, audio files.

FB32 Equilibrio caotico - 2017

32 X 46 cm.

Plexiglass, Iron, loudspeaker, earth globe, gear motor, tuner, pir sensor, electronic components.

FB31 50Hz Azione #4 - 2017

31 X 31 cm.

Iron, loudspeaker, magnets, magnifying glass, pir sensor, iron filing, electronic components.