Works 2016

FB30 Microvisioni - 2016

46X22X40 cm.

Wood, iron, plastic, loudspeaker, pir sensor, magnets, iron filing, electronic components.

FB29 Overload - 2016

57X60 cm.

Wood, floppy disk, speakers, mp3 player, audio amplifier, audio file, pir sensor, vertebrae.

FB28 50Hz Azione #3 Poliritmico - 2016

31X50 cm.

Plexiglass, iron, ping pong balls, speakers, pir Sensor, electronic components.

FB27 50Hz Azione #2 Volubile - 2016

31X31 cm.

Iron, loudspeaker, cardboard, pir sensor, electronic components.

FB26 Gentiluomo brut - 2016

53,5X115 cm.

Wood, iron, corrugated sheath, electric fan, pir sensor.

FB25 Herz - 2016

A blackened heart, constantly challenged yet obstinately still beating… never free to choose a different fate.

Wood, iron, electromagnet, pir sensor, electronic components.

FB24 Random #2 - 2016

50X55 cm.

Two radios that incessantly change channels, capturing transmissions from the ether, messages from lives far away or imperceptibly close that add to the frenzy of daily life.

Wood, glass, loudspeakers, 2 tuners, gear motor.

FB23 20Hz - 20,05Hz Presenze - 2016

Frequencies and magnetic fields animate iron dust, giving life to dynamic sculptures, analog and digital fight to show the magical, invisible sound sculpture.

Plexiglass, aluminium, iron, loudspeaker, magnets, iron filing, digital frame, audio amplifier, electronic components.

FB22 50Hz Azione #1 - 2016

25X14X32 cm.

50 Hz, a frequency that surrounds and accompanies us every day; we use it yet we don’t know how to listen to it. We use it to control objects, as other occult energy does with us: thus we can not live without it. The metal dust appears to be a wooded landscape, transforming constantly in spite of a transfigured reality.

Iron, loudspeaker, magnets, magnifying glass, iron filing, electronic components.

FB21 Retroazione - 2016

68X19X77 cm.

Energy that regenerates other energy, sounds that are often drowned out by contemporary noise can now finally be heard. Eternal return takes us to a hypnotic trance and kick up metallic dust that appear as hordes of people when seen from above, watched and observed as the eye of the puppetmaster who decides their fate with invisible wires.

Plexiglass, iron, speakers, gear motor, magnifying glass, magnets, iron filing, electronic components.

FB20 Enigma - 2016


A dark body of burnt wood that appears to be plastic contains a circular surface that appears reflective; however this non-mirror shows dark, blurry silhouettes with evanescent readability, vibrating from a deep and resonant sound… and what if that was truly what we are?

Wood, iron, electromagnet, pir sensor, electronic components.

FB19 Random #1 - 2016

A radio which changes tuning constantly, the transmissions picked up from the ether diffuse fragments of contemporary frenzy through speakers positioned on a metal slab.

Iron, plexiglass, loudspeakers, tuner, gear motor, electronic components.

FB18 After... - 2016

43,5X35 cm.

After a life of scratching and animating audiences, he changes direction to try and produce at least one sound. After abandoning the tedious tarantellas and melodic deja-vus he tries to bring us with him, where electronic buzzing becomes a meditative stimulus, where frenetic dancing gives way to individual reflection.

Iron, aluminium, loudspeaker, gear motors, electronic components.