Works 2015

FB17 Walkman - 2015

A spring, protected by a glass dome, produces a graceless sound - graceless as the soundtrack to modern life in a metropolis and that of utter contemporaneity. Its voice produces vibrant frequencies that seem to animate and orchestrate the material, which is forced to move incessantly and to adapt to implacable magnetic fields, a metaphor for the human being who rarely asks himself the reason for his own constant movement.

Iron, glass, plexiglass, loudspeakers, gear motors, iron filings, magnets, electronic components.

70 X 30 cm.

FB15 Lacrime di infrasuono - 2015

In this work the four loudspeakers are stimulated by infrasound, generating oscillations in the centrally sited metal stand, from which are suspended (by chains) four iron balls that the vibrations cause to strike eightmetal bars attached to the stand thereby producing various tone patterns.

Speakers, iron, wood, audio player, audio amplifier.

142 X 51 X 51 cm.

FB14 Lacrime di suono - 2015

Tears of sound fall like water from a roof while fluxes of energy move even those who don’t wish to.

Iron, aluminium, gear motors, pir sensors, magnets, glass and iron marbles.

196 X 80 X 90 cm.

FB08 Gattarpa - 2013 / 2015

A tongue of black fabric, dancing in the moving air of a fan, waving as though it were a cat's tail caressing and strumming the tight harmonic strings stretched to compose a resounding ancestral frame. The vibrations of the strings are tapped through humbucker pick-ups, re-elaborated and amplified to be diffused 360 ° through two Leslies that create the beating heart of a neoprimitive monolith, emitting an infinite mantra which is never the same, never repeated.

Wood, iron, aluminum, PVC, Leslie rotors, loudspeakers, pickup humbucker, multi-effect processor, audio amplifier, 22 electric guitar strings, 22 guitar mechanics, fan, fabric, pir sensor, electronic components.

Gattarpa A: 202 X 107 X 120 cm. B: 158 X 81 X 81 cm. C: 62 X 29 cm.

FB13 Bug - 2015

FB12 8noro - 2015

FB11 Milokalì - 2015