In 1997 Mark Iacona (drums, percussions, synth and sampling) and Fausto Balbo (synth, sampling, self made musical instruments and live electronics), started to play some free sessions moved by their curiosity and will to experiment. The MARFAUS project started from those sessions and the name came from an acronym formed by Mark and Fausto: MARFAUS means, in some dialects, FALSE SEA. The starting performances took place in the usual recording studio but soon the duo start recording in inusual places: the deep of the woods, old farmsteads and abandoned warehouses. There, instead of the usual intruments, MARFAUS started to play with pretty much everything they could land their hands on: branches, stones, working tools, bottles, water tanks, pipes and such... The only electronic device used was a DAT recorder able to catch and record the sound they made. After a careful listening to the recordings, the duo decided to use some parts in order to create a sort of AUDIO-MOVIE in which many people's stories mix and cross each others: They wanted to describe everyday life, feelings, the perversions in and out of the homes. MARFAUS took the plot of this audio-movie from many narrations that already existed, they searched and found many interesting dialogues from television shows such as: FLORENCE MONSTER'S TRIAL, interviews made to hookers and samples taken from movies like THE BIRDS (Hitchcock, 1963), THE GRANDE BOUFFE (Ferreri, 1973) and also the porno-cult DEEP THROAT (Gerard, 1972). After, the duo made some order and sense in all those words and samples, they started to cut, merge and manipulate the sounds with every devices they had. The final result was a cd titled GENTE COMUNE, self published in 2004 with John Pearce (ex Family Fodder) playing the piano on tracks 1-6. This CD was packaged with craftmanship and every copy had a case made of grey mat with the MF logo fire printed on.

1 - Gente monda - 5' 23"

2 - Gente gioconda - 4' 31"

3 - Gente co - 9' 57"

4 - Gente mu - 10' 31"

5 - Gente ne - 7' 36"

6 - Gente elettrica - 5' 53"

New tracks: