Fausto Balbo, born in 1970, lives in Garessio (CN) Italy.
Began his expressive career in the world of sound and music as a guitarist, and he has performed as a soloist and in a number of bands, publishing many albums from 1989 on. He has always been fascinated by the construction of musical instruments, and his pieces have progressively changed over the years, becoming the audio sculptures that he makes today. He often rediscovers and highlights the hidden aspects of everyday objects, both in their technological and audio characteristics. He gives space to what lies submerged, and gives voice to hitherto unexplored realms, with compositions in which an electronic component and its sound (altered with respect to its usual function) create a sequence of cause and effect in which kinetics and cymatics mutually interact.

Group Exhibitions:

Futurismo@Postfuturismo, 27 April / 30 June 2019,
Galleria Comunale di Arte Contemporanea i Molini, Portogruaro (VE), Italy

Cinematismi with Complus Events, 17/18/20/24/25/27 January, 2019
at Contemporary Cluster, Rome - Italy

ArtVerona 2018 with Valmore Studio d'Arte, 02/05 October 2018,
Verona - Italy

FB42 Concerto per musicista pigro with Valmore Studio d'Arte e Studio d'Arte Raffaelli,
10 August 2018, Tagliata Superiore di Civezzano (TN), Italy

Arte Forte 2018 with Valmore Studio d'Arte, 29 June / 23 September 2018,
Riva del Garda (TN), Italy

Download catalog: pdf

ArtVerona 2017 with Valmore Studio d'Arte, 13/16 October 2017,
Verona - Italy

AccaAtelier 2017, 22 September / 21 October 2017, Atelier Giorgi,
Turin - Italy,

Arte interattiva, 01 July / 29 October - 2017, MACA
Acri (CS) - Italy

1957 Macchine, 7/16 July 2017, Castello della Lengueglia Costa del Carretto,
Garlenda (SV) - Italy

About noise, 02-18/ June 2017, Galleria Comunale di Arte Contemporanea i Molini,
Portogruaro (VE) - Italy

Ciclo experimental italiano, 29 October 2015, Crater Lab,
Barcellona, Spain

Enigmatico stilnovo, 18 October 2015, Jolly Roger 2,
Rome, Italy

Geometrie per segnali luminosi, 30/31 January 2015, Future Perfect Blueroom,
Rialto Rome, Italy